Research concept

The concept of the ENCOUNTER project is based on:


Review of practices and state of the art

This part deals with the operational and technical aspects associated with the neutralisation of IEDs and the actions and means that mitigate the damage they will cause if detonated:


  • Review of the practices, policies and procedures of the police and security units responsible for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).
  • State of the art review of the existing technologies for neutralisation of IEDs and the means and tools for mitigation of their damages.
  • Identification of the scenarios and design basis threats for the work packages focusing on R&D and on the examination and evaluation of technologies.



Development and assessment of technologies and tools

Development of technological capacities in two areas:


  • Development and assessment of IED neutralisation technologies, and in this context, the assessment of EOD response bodies' practices.
  • Development and assessment of damage mitigation means and decision support tools for EOD response bodies.



Ethical and societal aspects

Consider the ethical, societal and financial aspects of new ways to dealing with IEDs to ensure the response is in proportion to the threats, and that the response does not create any additional problems.


  • Give stakeholders guidelines for evaluating and improving acceptance of IED neutralisation techniques
  • Reduce worries of citizens regarding the application of IED neutralisation
  • Understand how techniques are perceived and which techniques have a positive impact on the population’s perception of security
  • Cost-benefit assessment of the technologies for IED mitigation and neutralisation



Experiments, tests and evaluation

Review, tests and evaluation of the range of means, tools and practices that will be developed within the framework of the project's R&D work packages. Including tests of neutralisation technologies and IED damage mitigation means in laboratory and field conditions, with the use of live IEDs.







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