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PREVAILexternal link, opens in new window

The PREVAIL project is an innovative approach to inhibit the use of some common materials for use as precursors to explosives and to allow for easier detection.

EMPHASISexternal link, opens in new window

The objective of the EMPHASIS project is to test a system concept for detecting ongoing illicit production of explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in urban areas.

LOTUSexternal link, opens in new window
The overall objective of the LOTUS project is to develop a new anti-terrorism tool for law enforcement agencies, in the form of an integrated surveillance system for continuous chemical background monitoring with fixed site and/or mobile detectors to identify “chemical hotspots” such as bomb or drug factories.

HYPERIONexternal link, opens in new window
HYPERION is a research project which aims at developing a forensic analysis system for areas where explosions have occured. By detecting explosives and IED residues and acquiring 3D images of the scene the aim is to recapture what happened during the explosion and calculate where it took place.

AVALexternal link, opens in new window
Aval shall enable that vulnerability/lethality decision-making is based on results from good methodology, computer model and data. AVAL™ is short for Assessment of Vulnerability And Lethality and is a tri service model (Land, Air, Sea). AVAL is a non-classified product, but is regarded as defence materiel which means that it is subjected to export regulations.

SUBCOPexternal link, opens in new window

SUBCOP addresses the extraordinary challenge of how to intervene in a suicide bombing event using less than lethal means. SUBCOP sets out to develop technologies and procedures that can be applied by the Police Security Forces when responding to a suspected PBIED (Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device).


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