Activities and events

October 2015


Final Symposium

ENCOUNTER organised a final symposium, October 20-21, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Several end users from different countries attended. The end users were informed about the main results from the project and discussed the way forward for the proposed techniques.



October 2014


End user workshop, Stockholm, Sweden. October 8-9

This two days meeting gave an update on the latest results and the plans onward in the project. The ENCOUNTER group valued the discussions with the end-users and got new ideas for further work. After the meeting a project meeting was held to discuss received input and work package status.



November 2013


Project meeting in Sheffield, United Kingdom. November  7-8

The third project meeting was hosted by the University of Sheffield.


The status of different work packages was discussed at the meeting and focus was on the “proposed threat scenarios” which lays out the setting for the testing of the different techniques onwards in the project.


Samhällssäkerhetsmässan, Kista, Sweden. November 13

ENCOUNTER was presented at “Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet” together with the EU-FP7 projects PREVAIL, SUBCOP, EMPHASIS, HYPERION and LOTUS.


It is an exhibition with parallel conference, about improving collaboration between players before, during and after accidents and crises. “Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet” is two days of knowledge exchange and interaction for central government agencies, county administrative boards, municipalities, county councils, organisations and businesses involved in civil safety and security in Sweden.



February, 2013


End User Workshop, Madrid, Spain. February 20-21.

A joint end user workshop together with the EU FP7 projects; HYPERION, FORLAB, and EMPHASIS


The purpose of the workshop was to establish requirements and guidelines for the technical work in the projects as well as setting the framework for the research activities.


After the workshop a short project meeting was held at Isdefe headquarters.



November 2012  


Kick-off meeting, Stockholm, Sweden. November 14-15

The kick-off meeting was held at FOI in Stockholm, the first day at Grindsjön Research Centre, FOI test site and the second day at the FOI headquarters in Kista. At this meeting the project group discussed delivery dates for reports and timing of work packages as well as security issues and formation of boards and groups.



September 2012


Security Fair in Essen, Germany. September 25-28

ENCOUNTER was one of the five EU-FP7 projects represented in the “Security of Explosive” stand which was a part of the European Commission’s exhibition “Security and fire prevention”. link, opens in new window


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